My Favorite Links

  Http:// - New Jersey news, sports, entertainment, jobs, and more.
  Http:// - A great place to buy books, music, and DVD's.
  Http:// - Just enter your zip code and get movie times, locations, reviews, and more!!!!
  Http:// - Parenting resource with fun-filled activities and kid-tested recipes.
  Http:// - A great search engine!
  Http:// - Recipes & menus, celebrity chefs, world cuisine, etc.
  Http:// - Helpful driving directions!
  Http:// - Nutrition, training, health and fitness
  Http:// - Find a restaurant and reviews in 99 cities.
  Http:// - Redecorating advice from design consultants, products include Corian, Kohler & KitchenAid-kitchen gadgets, pot & pans, etc.
  Http:// - Entertainment news and movie reviews
  Http:// - Better Homes & Gardens-tips on remodeling, decorating, building, travel, food, etc.
  Http:// - Shop for wallpaper and borders online
  Http:// - More info on real estate Search Engine!
  Http:// - All about Long Valley, NJ
  Http:// - All about Chester,NJ
  Http:// - All about Chester Township,NJ
  Http:// -

Debra Burke
Debra Burke